12Signed MOU for mutual cooperation on environmental industry and community development

11Operated and hosted Nepal SMART WATER GRID Operator Training Program
(hosted by UNESCO International Research Education Center, co-hosted by Incheon University)

8MOU with water management joint research, education and exchange in BENI City, Nepal

5Participated in Shindapcheon Yeongheungcheon Geumfrog Monitoring Service


12Selected as a UN agency CTCN Partner

8Participated in Ministry of Science and ICT Carbon Resources Project

7MOU with IHP UNESCO Chair The Theory and Technology of Environmental Safety in Water Resources Control


10Participated in Korean Society of Civil Engineers Conference

8Participated in HIC conference

7Participated in ITCS2016 International Conference

6Participated in the Korean Wetland Society Conference

5Participated in Korea Water Resources Association and SWG Society academic presentation

2Participated in Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation


10Co-hosted the 3rd Smart Water Grid International Conference

8Participation and Support for the 9th HydroAsia

5Participation in damage estimation and predictive technology development considering direct and indirect damage

4Participated in the 7th World Water Forum


11Co-hosted the 2nd Smart Water Grid International Conference

7Participation and Support for the 8th HydroAsia

6Workshop for Hydro Engineering Program

4Participation in research on effective recovery plans for large complex damaged areas


11Co-hosted the 1st Smart Water Grid International Conference

8The 7th HydroAsia held

62013 The 3rd Hydro Engineering Program Workshop

3The 2nd Hydro Engineering Program Workshop

3The 5th ICI European Exchange Student Program Exchange

12013 1st Hydro Engineering Program Workshop

1Signed MOU with DHI and Hydrosoft in Denmark


11Visit DHI, Denmark

8The 6th HydroAsia held

7Participated in Smart Water Grid Research Group

4Organize international seminars to create waterside spaces

3Exchange of the 4th ICI Europe Exchange Program


11Flood disaster prevention seminar using buoyant flood barrier

10River creation and guidance symposium for strengthening ecology in brackish water

9Urban Innovation Festival-Incheon City's Urban Regeneration and Ecological Space Creation Strategy Discussion

8Held an international seminar to promote Korea-EU ICI ECP exchange

8The 5th HydroAsia held

5Symposium on Conservation and Restoration of Water Environment and Wetland Ecosystem in Han River Estuary

3Exchange of the 3rd ICI Europe Exchange Program

1Signed MOU with ICI Program with University of Incheon


10WOPs Seminar

9Registered as a foreign-invested institution

8World Urban Forum Forum Workshop

8The 4th HydroAsia held

3Exchange of the 2nd ICI Europe Exchange Program

2UN-HABITAT Water & Sanitation Seminar


12UNESCO SWITCH in Asia Regional Partnership Workshop 참가

11Held a great debate on how to promote the world water demonstration city

10Attended the World Water Council

8Held the 3rd Hydro Asia

8Co-hosted the World Urban Water Forum

6The 1st Hydro Engineering Program Workshop

5Implemented a technology research project to solve water problems in Asian poor countries

31st ICI European Exchange Student Exchange


12Established International Urban Information Science Research Institute (ICUH) (December 24, 2008)
Formed a new research group under the supervision of the University of Incheon- Euroaqua Research
Group- HydroAsia Consortium and participating research institutes and enterprises

9ICI Educational Cooperation Program hosted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

6Joined 6 additional schools including Seoul National University, Dong-A University, AIT,
Tsinghua University, Peking University of Technology, and Wuhan University in the HydroAsia Consortium and
held the 2nd HydroAsia and International Symposium

4Proposal for joint degree program between Euroacqua Research Group
(Nice University, Cotebus University, Catalonia University, Budapest University) and University of Incheon at Nice University, France


6The 1st International Symposium on HydroAsia and Water, organized by 4 universities including China, Japan and Singapore,
hosted by Incheon Regional Environmental Technology Development Center

6Organized Hydro Asia Research Consortium with National University of Singapore and Kyoto University in
cooperation with University of Incheon and Nice University in France


9Incheon University signed MOU with Nice University of France for research and educational exchange activities with Europe.
Academic exchange and technology development between countries including Korea, Japan, Australia,
and New Zealand has been held due to the increasing importance of EU.