SWG and running water research

Smart Water Grid

Advanced Technology Application

Metering, analysis, data management field

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning based technology development

Water Resource Management

Multi-source water management

Tailored water resource management

Sustainable water management

Water Supply System

- Water management for large-sized cities

Water-energy nexus

Related projects

Development of ICT-based water management to overcome water shortage

Smart Water Grid research project with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Carbon Mineralization Flagship project with the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT)

Water Supply System Management

Urban Pipe Network Operation

Pipe examination and water pressure analysis

Machine Learning based pipe network operations optimization

Genetic Algorithm based energy efficiency optimization

Artificial Intelligence based leak detection

Leak location detection based on algorithm combining water metering devices and artificial intelligence

Possibility for leakage detection in water scarce areas based on water metering devices

Energy optimization

Utilization of regional reservoirs and small-sized water tanks Use of machine learning methods

Analysis of electricity utilization rate by time intervals (hours of the day)

Redistribution based on the use of a minimal electricity cost pattern

Software Available for Use