Sewage and Environmental Research

Sewage Network Analysis

Urban Flooding Analysis

Analysis of the source of storm water discharge degradation and differential subsidence/drop connection occurrence/pipe gradient/pipe diameter/turbid water etc.

Sewage Pipe Inflow/Outlfow Management

Pollutant load survey by pollutant type using flow and water quality assessment

Analysis of pollutant load evolution in discharge areas of wastewater treatment plants

Sewage Pipe Monitoring

Measure of infiltration/leakage using baseflow and concentration

Water Quality Management

Calculation of wastewater treatment plant inflow and water quality

Selection of wastewater treatment plant total pollutant load

River quality measurement, pollution source analysis and eutrophication diagnosis

Wastewater Treatment Plant Management Methodology

Water Treatment Management

Analysis of origin of decrease in wastewater treatment plant efficiency and methods for enhancement

Sludge Management

Methods for sludge exploitation (drying/composting)

Basic Environmental Treatment Facility Management

Sewater desalination plants installation, assessment and diagnosis

Everyday life waste automated collection system performance-assessment test

Wastewater treatment plant post-construction evaluation

Discharged Water Quality Analysis and Management

Discharged Water Quality Analysis/Management

Management of water quality in areas of wastewater discharge

Methods for utilization of reclaimed water

Illegal Wastewater Discharge Management

Survey of illegal wastewater discharge from industrial areas and insufficient water quality

Non-point Pollution Source Analysis and Management

Measure of rainfall volume, BOD/COD/SS etc. water quality parameters analysis

Total Pollutant Load Analysis and Mangement

Measure of flow, BOD/COD/SS etc. water quality parameters analysis

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