Social safety and disaster prevention research

Disaster Prevention Investigation and Evaluation

On-site investigation of disaster prevention

Field survey of flooded area due to abnormal rainfall

On-site survey of habitual disaster areas and disaster prevention facilities

Preliminary and ex post evaluation of disaster prevention business

Social science and big data based disaster reduction project evaluation

Convergence Valuation of Multidisciplinary Functions by Sector

Disaster Prevention Structure Analysis and Consulting

Disaster Cause Analysis

Cause analysis of flooding through immersion analysis

Basin Watershed Assessment Using the Watershed Runoff Model

Small and medium river GIS flood analysis

Disaster Prevention Database

Manufacture of river flood flood forecast based on GIS

Selection of risk areas for urban flooding according to flood scenario analysis

Disaster Prevention Structure Guidelines Consulting

Development of design guidelines for strengthening urban disaster prevention function of public facilities

Flood forecasting and warning system establishment through river DB construction

Develop disaster response and recovery guidelines

Development of Disaster Response Guidelines

Develop guidelines for preparing for natural disasters

Development of prevention measures and evacuation route guidelines based on flooding potential

Development of Disaster Recovery Guidelines

Research on disasters psychological support methods and post-disaster medication/sanitation

Structural equation/Big Data based analysis and guidelines development

Software Available for Use

GIS Software, EPA SWMM, XP-SWMM Software developed in-house by ICUH

Software to select coordinate system, IFE etc.