Director’s Message

The International Center for Urban Water Hydroinformatics Research and Innovation (ICUH) received approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (then known as the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs) and was founded the 24th of December 2008 as a non-profit research organization. It currently deals with research in combined fields of water management and environmental management.

Composed by 3 members when it was founded ten years ago, it has now expanded to 17 members including foreign staff. ICUH is currently managing projects such as Smart Water Grid and Storm-Water Damage and has a rich experience of working on more than 50 research projects in the field of water management.

ICUH has been founded under the banner of the Hydroinformatics concept (a concept which combines Water, Information and Mathematical tools) which was born less than 30 years ago in Europe in order to develop new technologies for management of urban water in new cities and is constantly seeking challenges in areas such as Smart Water Management, Artificial Intelligence etc. We will carry forward with this challenging mindset and it will fuel the continuous development of our research institute.

Water and environment are constantly changing. These changes will not wait for the use of past management methods or technologies which have existed since long ago. ICUH, by carrying forward research and developing always new and exciting technologies, is committed to always provide a convenient and comfortable water to people around us, in a changing environment.

Our challenges and goals are not performed only in South Korea and our research group is international. By constantly exchanging, discussing and promoting development with partners from overseas, we humbly receive knowledge and we ensure the promotion of our knowledge to the world.

In the future, we seek to continue developing hydroinformatics technologies, involve in urban water management and be a research institute which fosters innovation in the water management sector. We always look forward to your interest and support for ICUH.

Thank you.

Director of ICUH Choi GyeWoon