Water and River Research

Establish ISP related to water resources and environment

Establish information strategy plan for setting target model by analyzing best practices, environment and status

Smart water management and operation field

Establishment of water consumption measurement and management technology system

Real-time data analysis for smart water management Technology development

Analysis of similar characteristics and estimation of total similar quantity by measuring flow rate and similar amount

Analysis of Similarity Characteristics and Total Similarity by Numerical Experiment Experiment Using Large Scale

Alternative Water Resources and Resource Distribution Optimization

Securing water production plans for each use according to consumer demand

Exploring the direction of developing alternative water resources using multiple water sources

Evaluation of suitability and adaptation in the field of ecology (fish, vegetation, environment, etc.)

Ecological suitability assessment through fish, vegetation and environmental analysis

Evaluation of Ecological Adaptability through Fitness Assessment

Development of numerical modeling and modeling tools for hydraulic and water quality

Numerical Simulation Modeling through Mathematical Experiments

Development of Conformity Assessment Modeling Tool through Water Quality Analysis